Unit 4 - Sensation and PerceptionTest Date: Tuesday, 12/13/2011
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Objective: Examine size distance relationships, as well as perceptual adaptation.

Objective: Discuss general perception principles, focusing on Gestalt and binocular cues.

HW Assignment: Here is the Voicethread that will introduce monocular cues, and should be used in conjunction with the Depth Perception Voicethread note sheet. After you view the first voicethread, you may click on the link on the last slide, or simply move down this page to see the second Voicethread, which you must comment on by classtime on Monday, 12/12. BE SURE TO PROVIDE AN EXAMPLE FOR ALL 6 CUES THAT WERE COVERED IN THE FIRST VOICE THREAD. 4 POINTS EACH = 24 POINT ASSIGNMENT.

Objective: Examine how we perceive pitch, and the varying kinds of deafness. See how cochlear implants can restore neural deafness and discuss concerns some in the deaf culture have about the implants. Explore the world of synaesthesia.

Synaesthesia - James Wannerton - NOT SHOWN IN CLASS


Objective: Examine the parts of the ear, with special focus on the hair cells, and compare how we hear to how we see.

Period 1 - See Power Point from Tuesday, 12/6. Your class is still behind, and we began with "Blindsight" on 12/6's Power Point in today's class.

Parts of the eye assessment
- HW - Read the text, and answer the 7 questions about structuralists and Gestalt. The rest will be filled out in class.

Objective: Examine how light stimulus is transferred into a visual image that we can perceive, and examine malfunctions of the system.

Period 1 - see powerpoint from 12/5, due to the fog delay your class is about 1 day behind.
Reminder: Assessment on the parts of the eye tomorrow, 12/7.

Objective: Distinguish between different parts of the eye, and explain the blind spot, nearsightedness and farsightedness, and rods and cones.

due 12/7

Objective: Examine our own thresholds as they apply to pressure, audio, and vision; and demonstrate our understanding of these phenomenons by completing a Pattern Recognition worksheet. Explore our subliminal threshold through the hearing test and backmasking.

*Period 5, due to the fire drill on 12/1, you should refer to the Power Point from 12/1, as we began your class by finishing up that Power Point, beginning with the "subliminal threshold" slide.*

Classwork grade:

Hearing Test

Objective: Examine limitations of our awareness through the exploration of change blindness and choice blindness.

HW Assigned - Due 12/2/2011 -

Don't walk and text!

Derren Brown - Person Swap (Not shown in class in its entirety)

Objective: Determine how sensation differ, how they work together, and how we are limited by our inability to fully focus on multiple things at one time.