LearningTest Date: 1/17/2012

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Objective: Examine the response to the work of the behaviorists, and investigate social learning.

1/12/2012 (Sub)
Objective: Revisit the topic of sensation and perception through this National Geographic production.

Objective: Distinguish between various forms of reinforcement schedules. Demonstrate an understanding by completing a classwork assignment.

Click on the picture below to be taken to You Tube to watch the clip

Objective: Introduce punishment, and compare it to reinforcement. Demonstrate understanding by completing an in-class worksheet.

Objective: Examine Watson's Little Albert study, and introduce Thorndike's Law of Effect and Skinner's Operant Conditioning.
(corresponding textbook pages: 226-232.)

Objective: Demonstrate knowledge about John Watson and Albert Bandura's experiments on learning by completing an in-class assessment. Examine the phenomenon of one-trial learning, and relate it to the work of John Garcia.
(corresponding textbook pages: 223-226; one-trial learning not in the textbook.)

Objective: Share information about the Bandura and Watson experiments with partners, and develop an argument against the statement that any organism can be classically conditioned to associate any stimulus with any response equally well, based on the work of John Garcia. (corresponding textbook pages: 223-226, 227,244-245, reading distributed on 1/3.)

Objective: Examine the 5 steps that make up Pavlov's theory of classical conditioning and demonstrate an understanding of the process by completing a classical conditioning thought project. (corresponding textbook pages: 220-222.)

Classwork grade:

Objective: Identify the four components of classical conditioning, and demonstrate an ability to pick them out of various scenarios. (corresponding textbook pages: (corresponding textbook pages: 215-220.)

reading assigned. Questions due for peer teaching on 1/5, fill in the blanks/short answer assessment on 1/6.

completed in class.

Dr. Z and Dr. P.

Classical conditioning