Test date: 9/15/2011
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Want more info on memory? This is worth checking out. It is from my favorite psych site - PsyBlog!

Objective: Demonstrate knowledge of our system of memory.
Unit 7A - Memory Test

Objective: Discuss how the state of human memory as discussed in this chapter impacts the legal system in the United States. Particular attention will be paid to the role of eye witness testimony.

Gary Wells - Studies eyewitness testimony. VERY thorough website of his work on eyewitness testimony.

Objective: Discover the various ways in which we "forget" information.

Sins of Forgetting Quiz

Objective: Discuss how we retrieve memories once they have been encoded and stored, and begin to examine reasons for forgetting.

Quiz announced for 9/13 (see homework section of website for info.)
Test announced for 9/15 - Memory
Terms assigned for memory chapter (see homework section of website for info.)

See powerpoint from 9/8. (Today we finished Clive Wearing video from 9/8, and began with the cerebellum slide)

Tip of the Tongue "TOT Phenomenon" (not shown in class)

9/9/2011 (sub)
Objective: How are memories constructed?

Objective: Examine the biology behind our memory processes, and look at a case study of Clive Wearing to see what happens when a particular part of the brain invovled in the memory process does not work properly.

9/7/2011 (sub)
Objective: Examine how we store and retrieve memories by reading the textbook in class.

9/6/2011 (sub)
Objective: Examine the phenomenon of Superior Autobiographical Memory, or "Endless Memory" and decide whether the rare ability to remember in such explicit detail.

Objective: Examine long-term memory and the phenomenon of flashbulub memory; complete the "link method" memory activity to demonstrate the power of mnemonic devices for memorization.

(See Day 1 - Memory Models.pdf file from 8/31)

Flashbulb Memory

Andi Bell - link method for memory

Objective: Engage our working memory by trying a memory technique similar to the one illustrated in the text and video clip; begin to examine long-term memory.

(See Day 1 - Memory Models.pdf file from 8/31)

Andi Bell - Memory Master

Objective: Distinguish between varying memory models, with special attention on the 3 step memory process.
Day 1 - Memory models.pdf

HW Assigned - due 9/1/2011 - AP - Encoding Questions.pdf

Video - Mr. Short Term Memory