Unit 7B - Thinking and Language
Unit 11 - Testing and Individual Differences (Intelligence)
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Review song about biases (NOT SHOWN IN CLASS)
3/15/2012Objective: Examine various biases in testing.

3/14/2012Objective: Examine the different types of tests, the three components that test writers must be cognizant of, and how intelligence changes throughout the lifespan.

3/13/2012Objective: Examine the creation of intelligence testing, and how it proliferated the eugenics movement, a result of the Progressive movement.

More on eugenics

Video on eugenics - not shown in class, but very interesting

3/12/2012Objective: Examine the savant phenomenon, and the difference between profound talent and profound disability, as it relates to intelligence.

More AMAZING videos of Stephen Wiltshire

Objective: Discuss what makes "intelligence" and look several different theories related to intelligence.

3/8/2012 (substitute)
Objective: Explain how Genie's story relates to the language acquisition theories of Skinner/Chomsky and Lenneberg.

Finish story about Genie. (See video from 3/7)

(Those who were absent still must complete)

Assigned today, due 3/12 and 3/16

3/7/2012Objective: View evidence that supports Chomsky and Lenneberg's theories of language acquisition through the story of Genie, the Wild Child.

Objective: Distinguish between competing language development theories, and examine how language can influence how we think.

We discussed the preliminary thesis statements, and many students must re-do and re-submit them. See power point below for guidance.

(Period 5 will finish on 3/7)

3/5/2012Objective: Examine the phenomena that affect how we make judgements, and distinguish between convergent/divergent thinking and inductive/deductive reasoning.

- Periods 1/2 only

Not shown in class...

Objective: Examine 4 primary techniques used in problem solving, and see how several obstacles to problem solving make it difficult for us to solve problems.

This guy/woman? does NOT suffer from functional fixedness - hilarious!

I didn't have this video when we studied Piaget, If I did I would have showed it.
Too funny and perfect to pass up, so I showed it today.
What theory does this scene from Family Guy demonstrate?

3/1/2012Objective: Examine our own limitations when it comes to creative thinking and problem solving. Examine the importance of concepts and prototypes in our ability to think effectively.

Grading scales for Research Outline and Paper were handed out and discussed.
- due 3/9/2012
- due 3/21/2012