Motivation and Emotion
Test Date: 2/8/2012
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Lie to Me - Paul Ekman's research on expressed emotions.

Test corrections, discuss parenthetical citations for research project

Motivation and Emotion test

Objective: Distinguish between the different theories of emotion and examine the relationship between event, body, and cognition.

PTSD video

Objective: Begin research process by examining websites about APA/BPS ethical standards and/or experiments that may violate said guidelines.

Objective: Examine how arousal and cognition can effect our emotions.

Lie to Me - Lie Detectors

Objective: Differentiate between paraphrasing and summarizing, and examine examples of possible plagiarism to ensure that the concepts are understood before the research project is undertaken.

Objective: Apply our knowledge about Paul Ekman and microexpressions to the Pilot episode of Lie To Me

Click Dr. Paul Ekman's photo
to be taken to his amazing site.

Objective: Examine expressed emotion and discuss the universality of facial expressions/cultural influence of physical gestures.

1/30/2012 (period 5 see eating disorders pwpt from 1/27 also.)
Objective: Understand requirements of research project

Ethics Research Paper - First part (bibliography) due 2/15 - Final Project due 3/21
HW assigned - Part 1 due 1/31, Part II due 2/3 -

Spot the Fake Smile HW - Click here DUE 1/31

1/27/2012 (periods 1 and 2)
Objective: Differentiate between anorexia and bulimia, and discuss factors that contribute to eating disorders

Not Shown in Class

Not Shown in Class

Objective: Examine the physiological and psychological motivations that combine to generate hunger.

Objective: Create a pyramid of scenarios into Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs using red Solo cups in order to develop an understanding of the Hierarchy of Needs. (Textbook pages 330-331).
Song: Tracy Chapman - Fast Car
Song: Rolling Stones - You Can't Always Get What You Want

1. Completed the classwork from 1/19 or 1/20


3. Completed the Hierarchy of needs cup activity

1/19/2012 or 1/20/2012 (Depending upon mid-term schedule)
Objective: Examine the theories of motivation, and apply that knowledge to 7 specific behaviors. (Textbook pages 327-330).

HW assigned - due 1/27/12 -

Classwork -

Objective: Revisit the classical conditioning FRQ question from the Learning test; examine our own personal level of motivation via the Hope Scale; examine the interest behind human motivation in psychology.
Song: CAKE - The Distance

Hope Scale