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Objective: Prepare for Tuesday's Neuroscience test

Objective: Re-visit the split brain phenomenon, test knowledge of brain, prepare for Tuesday's test.

Review split-brain phenomenon through discussion

15 question assessment on parts of the brain

Review questions missed on the Quest from part A.
Objective: Demonstrate the importance of the corpus callosum by completing several demonstrations and observing the case study of "Joe".

Objective: Examine the brain's ability to repair itself via its plasticity and investigate brain plasticity through the phenomenon of phantom sensations and pain.

HW: Watch and comment on the Voicethread, see instructions below.

Not part of assignment above, but here is an updated video from May of 2012, 3 years after Sarah's stroke.

Article written by Sarah Scott's mom.

Objective: Examine the importance of the left hemisphere in speech and language, and how damage to Broca's Area and Wernicke's Area can affect speech.

HW Assigned: Due 11/28/2012

Broca's Aphasia research case study 1
Broca's Aphasia research case study 2

Wernicke's Aphasia research case study 1
Wernicke's Aphasia research case study 2

Wernicke's Aphasia - Not shown in class

One last aphasia video. Broca's? Wernicke's?

Objective: Examine the executive functions of the frontal lobe via the story of Phineas Gage, and see what the world of neuroscience is offering to people who are otherwise paralyzed as a result of things like strokes and ALS. Determine whether there are ethical concerns with the practice of neuromarketing.

HW assigned: Due 11/27

Clip from House M.D. - Intro to Phineas Gage and an illustration of how we may act with a damage frontal lobe.

Neuroprosthetics clip - 60 Minutes.

Objective: Identify and examine the function of the lobes of the brain.

Probe the brain activity - representation of how the motor cortex controls movement.

Einstein, fissures and gray matter... OH MY!!!

Stimulating the motor cortex - Kayak style...

Objective: Identify the parts and functions that make up the Limbic System, and examine the reward centers and reward deficiency syndrome.

(Note - pages on handout refer to the 8E textbook. In the AP* Edition information is located on pages 71-73.)

Objective: Identify the parts and functions that make up the hindbrain and midbrain, as well as the cerebellum and the thalamus.

(Note - pages on handout refer to the 8E textbook. In the AP* Edition information is located on pages 69-71.)

Objective: Demonstrate knowledge of pre-brain neuroscience material; examine various ways that the brain can be studied.

Article: An Unconscious man Talks

Objective: Examine the differing parts of the nervous system, and compare it to the endocrine system.

Objective: Demonstrate knowledge of neural chain by creating a diagram depicting a reflex and a voluntary action.

11/12/2012(1 hour delay)
Objective: Observe the results of excessive levels of Dopamine, and observe the outcomes of the "Awakenings" patients. See how the work of Dr. Sacks resulted in the modern MAOI and SSRI drugs for treating depression due to low levels of Serotonin.

Objective: Describe the effects of L-Dopa on patients with encephalitis, as carried out by Dr. Oliver Sacks. Clips of the film "Awakenings" will be used to demonstrate the scientific process, as well as the relationship between neurotransmitter problems and disease.

Awakenings is available for streaming on Netflix, I will not be posting the clips in this location.

Objective: Examine the role and function of neurotransmitters.

11/7/2012‚Äč (Substitute)
Objective: Demonstrate knowledge of the parts of a neuron.

Classroom assessment - Parts of a neuron
HW assigned, due Friday, 11/9 -

Objective: Be able to compare a firing neuron to flushing a toilet, introduce communication between neurons.

Assessment announced for 11/7: Recreate neuron chart provided on 11/1/2012

Objective: Demonstrate an understanding of the parts of a neuron.

additional terms assigned:

2 Hour delay - shortened 1st period, no 2nd period.
5th Period - Test corrections / What Would You Do?

School cancelled - Sandy