Test / Terms Due: 2/27/2013

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Find the "Rouge Test Video" required for the homework that is due on Tuesday, 2/19 below under the 2/14 date.

Objective: Focus on old age, with special attention on Alzheimer's Disease.

Objective: Examine second half of Erikson's stage theory, and introduce topic of adulthood. (Also, does a goat singing a Taylor Swift song improve it, make it worse, or have no effect?)

Objective: Examine the flaws with Kohlberg's theory, introduce Erikson's theory of social development.

REMEMBER - FRQ assigned on 2/21 is due Monday, 2/25!

We had an involved discussion about the porcupine and the moles, and broke into groups based on gender to discuss how the moral dilemma should be solved...

Watch Me! I will make Erikson easier!!!

Objective: Describe Kohlberg's Theory of moral development.

HW - Due Monday, 2/25

Heinz Dilemma - Not Shown in class

Objective: Differentiate between Diana Baumrind's different parenting styles, introduction on the adolescent brain. Should teenagers be tried as adults?

Objective: Examine attachment types as theorized by Mary Ainsworth.

- Scenarios A-G assigned for homework

Objective: Examine Lev's Vygotsky's theory of cognitive development, and compare and contrast it with Piaget's.

2/13/2013 and 2/14/2013
Objective: Students will present their findings on prenatal development and the capabilities of a newborn; explain the terminology from the Piaget/Vygotsky reading through examples and videos.

- due Tuesday, 2/19

Rouge video needed to complete the homework

Teratogens video - NOT SHOWN IN PERIODS 1/5. It is recommended that you watch this video.

Is Boo assimilating or accommodating? How do you know?

Theory of Mind

2/11/2013 through 2/13/2013
Objective: Students will present their findings on prenatal development and the capabilities of a newborn.

Homework assigned - questions due tomorrow, 2/12/2013 Transcription due Wednesday, 2/13/2013

AP Classes - Target Presentations

2/7 and 2/8/2013
Objective:Students will examine a key component to prenatal development and the nature/nurture debate as it relates to human development and psychology, as well as the capabilities of a healthy newborn while working in groups. Students will then present their findings.

- Due 2/7
- For use with assignment above