Test/Terms Date: 9/26/2012

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Objective: Examine incorrect answers from the test and work to correct them; re-visit the value of curious skepticism and critical thinking as they apply to debunking pseudopsychologies.

Test Day! YaaHooo!
HW assigned:

Objective: Explain z-scores and how and when they should be used. Compare inferential and descriptive statistics, and how to read a t-test.

Answers to Psychological Research Problems:
What follows are the best answers for each scenario
1. Correlation
2. Case study
3. Experiment
4. Longitudinal study
5. Naturalistic observation
6. Survey
7. Cross-sectional study

Objective: Students will be able to explain the flaws with measures of central tendency, and be able to compute and apply standard deviation of a data set.

Extra explanation of standard deviation (Be careful about population/sample. This site notes the extra step of -1 for a sample. We are working with an entire population, so in Into to Psych (AP Psych) we do not add the step of -1 as they do in statistics class.)

Calculate standard deviation practice. (Will have to use calculator to get final number. They don't use "easy" numbers.)

Objective: Review IV/DV, writing hypotheses, and operational definitions by going over homework from 9/18 and then completing the operational definitions practice sheet below.


Objective: Examine various forms of descriptive research and propose scenarios when these methods of study would be appropriate.

Objective: Contrast correlations with the experimental method, and examine what correlational research can show us.

Objective: Demonstrate an understanding of experimental research variables, how to write a hypothesis, how to write an operational definition, and an understanding of the Placebo Effect.

HW - Due 9/19

HW - Due 9/19

Objective: Define research methods terminology in terms of real life applications.

Objective: Complete discussion about schools of psychology; identify phenomenon that tend to skew our logic.

Objective: Discuss what psychology is, and differentiate between the various schools of psychology.

Due 9/14 -

We also checked the FRQ's from yesterday's test against a target FRQ RUBRIC.