Chapters 5 and 6 - Sensation and Perception
TEST DATE: Friday, January 7th

AP Home

Objective: Explore how people who have restored vision perceive things differently form those who have always had visual capabilities.

Inverted vision video

See 1/6/2011 in States of Consciousness chapter, we began that chapter today after Perception was completed.

Objective: Discover monocular cues and how we use them to make sense of our surroundings, and how relying on cues may sometimes cause us to generate incorrect perceptions.

motion parallax demo

stroboscopic motion - Super Mario

stroboscopic motion - Pac Man (NOT SHOWN IN CLASS)

Phi Phenomenon

Objective: Examine the principles of Gestalt and how they compared to the prominent theories of the structuralists in the early 1900s.

Homework assigned, due Thursday, 1/6:

Grouping - how our perceptions can lead us astray

Visual Cliff

Visual Cliff - Influence of caregiver on baby's actions. (NOT SHOWN IN CLASS)

Objective: Evaluate how our perception of sensory information is influenced by our surroundings and expectations.

Homework Assigned, Due 1/7 -

Change Blindness activities

Do The Test - Basketball

The Ames Room Illusion

The Monkey Business Illusion

Change Blindness - The Door Test

Change Blindness - You Can't Be Aware of Everything

Test Your Awareness - Whodunnit? (NOT SHOWN IN CLASS)

Objective: Examine the world of synesthesia, where senses are crossed, and people see music, taste colors, or have other extraordinary sensations.

Ummm.... Chicken, vanilla ice cream and orange sauce. Yummy.

Another video on synesthesia NOT shown in class

Article about the CBS video on synesthesia shown in class. (Cannot find the video itself online at this point.)

Objective: Evaluate place and frequency theory as ways to explain how we hear, and discuss the controversy over cochlear implants.

Cochlear Implants - Every Sound a Present (Watch until approx. 13:40)

Objective: Examine the structure of the ear, and demonstrate how hair cells are involved in the hearing process.

Quiz on the eye

Objective: Discover the importance of parallel processing and what can happen in extreme cases of disruption.


Rods and Cones

Objective: Explain how the eye works to provide the sensation of sight.

Transduction - Power Placement Sky High

Waterfall Illusion

Objective: Demonstrate knowledge of various parts of the brain by creating a superhero based on taking parts of the brain and exaggerating their functions.

Objective: Watch "The Boy Who Could See Without Eyes" to see how sensation and perception can work together with brain plasticity in unusual ways.

Objective: To examine the senses of smell, touch and taste to see how these sensations are processed in the body.

Objective: Explain how difference, absolute and subliminal thresholds differ, and begin to examine the sensation of sight.

HW Assigned:
Backmasking - The power of priming and expectations in top-down processing

Objective: Differentiate between sensation and perception, and apply it to faceblindness and thresholds.

Can You Hear This? website

Prospognosia - Face Blindness

Homework assigned: